• I composed the large image so the “I” would be painted on the shark and the “AM” on the treasure chest.  All of the little carved boats are also carved with, “I AM”.

Boat People”  24" x 50" x 3"  acrylic on hand carved basswood, 2002

Trapped in these bodies each self seems separate and distinct from everything else... 

Meanwhile, all of us adrift in the cosmic ocean, riding the swells of life up and down.  We look outward from our individual perspectives made of desires, fears, judgements and all other aspect generated from our grasping at ‘self’.  Hardly anyone remembers the treasure that fell overboard. It sank into darkness and became forgotten by all.  Now, there are few alive that remember such things.  Yet once in a great while, a person newly returned from some extraordinary ordeal, will speak of something wonderful in the darkness.  Something so glorious and transcendent of explanation, that the mere allusion to it could quicken the crustiest heart.  However... ¡Caution to those who would seek this bounty!  Because their ego, protecting its own survival, will rise up, and with a prodigious force... shark attack their ass.

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