"View of a Room”,  27" x 34" x 2",  acrylic on hand carved basswood, 2000

• click here to watch a video of this wood carving •VIDEO_VOAR_process_Scott_McNeill_Art.html

This sculpture started as the question, "Would it be possible to communicate a perspective that could see everything, everywhere at the same time?"

First, I would need to carve an ordinary environment of distinct linear perceptions. I.E.-'this is what he sees, that is what she sees, etc.' In the sculpture, each of the four carved sections represent what one of the characters from another section sees (example: the rhino, a figure viewing artwork and the corner of a woman's face is what the man, in the upper left section sees; the rhinoceros sticking his head through the window (lower right) sees the lion and the same figure viewing artwork but from a different angle , and so on).

Then the larger painted imagery is composed of objects from each of the four individual points of view. Revealing a new composition of selected images from each of the individual perspectives.  Put it all together and ...VOILA.

* The artworks hanging in the carved room are miniatures of some of my past works ("Self Fish", "Road Quark", "Soulmate", and "Super Fish").  When these tiny pictures are studied in the final painted images you will see that they are all painted multidimensional just like the originals.

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