"Was, Could, Should, Might, Will Be, Is”  34" x 58" x 2"  acrylic on hand carved basswood, 2003

Before accepted knowledge WAS known did it exist somewhere in a language of symbols?  COULD the way future generations think about reality be rooted in the abstract ideas of today?  I SHOULD point out that these two questions are addressing the same answer from opposite directions on a timeline.  If people begin to view their personal reality from a broader point of view what unexpected truth MIGHT surface?  In this piece I’ve attempted to do something like that, surround and combine within a present moment, memories (past), hopes and desires (future), and what WILL BE.  ‘Is-ness’, IS the story of this work.

large image happy face

carved happy face

color composition happy face

this section contains a small version of the whole carving.

a secret revealed,

3 dimensions of happy

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