Scott McNeill, New Art, 2000





Art Annual - New Art International

Book art Press

Dec 1999 - Dec 2000

Scott McNeill-  Through his masterful, intricate carving, Scott McNeill creates one level of imagery close up.  But step back and you’ll find that the paint he uses to color the wood forms another picture.  The effect is a stirring, compelling visual language where time, space and perspective are intimately entwined.

After completing his Peace Corps service in Honduras, McNeill stayed on in order to take advantage of an invitation to apprentice in a specialized Honduran art form of relief woodcarving.  Recognized as having a gift, he worked with local masters for two and a half years before returning to the United States and taking the work a step further by adding a symbolic extra-dominion to his three-dimensional expressions.

Whether applied to the theories of quantum physics (ie: Light is both a wave and a particle), the interrelationship between the trinity of conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds, or simply considering the subjectivity of that which “IS” from different points of view, there exists in my work a boundless potential for exploration.  I am striving for the viewer to see not only the multiple perspectives and dimensions in my artwork but in themselves and in life.

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