Scott McNeill, Artist of the Month, 2008





Phoenix Magazine, Nov 2008.

by- Celeste Sepessy

Four years ago, Scott McNeill took a shot in the dark.  Now his panels of energetic seagulls and bubbly tropical fish shine both day and night.

The Scottsdale artist's latest collection, "Way to Glow," showcases glow-in-the-dark hanging sculptures of electric seascapes, eerily vibrant skulls and luminous jungle scenes.  The exhibit is currently featured at the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa through February 8.

McNeill uses strontium aluminate powder to absorb then slowly release light from within the resin-based, molded art.  The industrial powder was designed to keep watch faces visible in the dark and shines in a variety of colors, including green, violet, pink, blue and yellow.

But glowing simply ads to the artwork's meaning, McNeill says.  "The pieces are designed for the daytime first and glowing second," he says.

The exhibit displays his art in a painted black room with a blackout curtain and timed black light to maximize the effect.  McNeill, who loved "glow stuff" as a kid, says the collection is perfect for children and will "blow them away."

McNeill ventured far from his business degree.  After college, he joined the Peace Corps and pursued his art aspirations in Honduras as a woodcarving apprentice.

McNeill says he is providing a bright alternative to some of todays darker art.

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