Scott McNeill Art, Sculpture Unveiling - Press Release, 1999







Surprise, AZ, May 3, 1999 - Scott McNeill, the talented sculptor seen by thousands earlier this spring when he carved a relief sculpture at the West Valley Art Museum will exhibit the finished work until May 18 at the Museum.  The Museum is located at 17420 N Avenue of the Arts. (114th Ave.) and Bell Road in Surprise.

The exciting sculpture of underwater schools of fish and sea creatures in a coral reef carved at the museum by artist Scott McNeill is now complete.  A tour de force, painted brightly in McNeill’s inimitable style, it is on display through May 18 at the West Valley Art Museum.  It is graciously lent by a collector who purchased the art piece as it was being carved by McNeill at the Museum.  Many who saw the work in progress requested to see the finished piece.  Thousands of people marveled at McNeill’s wood carving skill during the late winter when he was an Artist In Residence at the Museum.    Visitors had a chance to see the work evolve from preliminary sketch to early carving to the final refinement of the many fish, crabs, octopus, and moray eel.  McNeill finished the carving in his studio as well as painting his sculpture - overlaying larger images over the carving, as well as accenting the carved forms.

Don Gray, the Museums Assistant Curator, has high praise for the work and for Scott McNeill’s ability as an artist.  “Scott’s coral reef, “Super Fish,” turned out beautifully.  The colors and painted images are as rich, daring and exciting as the underlying carving that we all watched develop during his artist-in-residence at the Museum.  Scott is an artist of great talent and expressive ability.  He remains true to himself and his inspiration, creating works that radiate artistic integrity, emotional strength and aesthetic genuineness.  He will reach a high level in the art world.”

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