Solo Exhibitions
2010 Solo Show, “The Glow Show”, Gallery 11-14, Tempe AZ 
2009 Solo Show, “Way to Glow”, Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa AZ
2008 Solo Show, “The Glow Series”, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ
2006 Solo Show, PUSD, Phoenix AZ
2003 Solo Show, “More Than Meets the Eye”, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ

Group Exhibitions
2012 Group Show, “Bending Space and Time”, FBC Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
2012 Group Show, “Wing It”, Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa AZ
2010 Group Show, “Space”, Herberger Theater Center Gallery, Phoenix AZ
2009 Group Show, “Dia de Los Muertos”, Vision Gallery, Chandler AZ
2007 Group Show, "Underwater Fantasea," Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa AZ
2007 Group Show, "Modified," Cattle Track Arts Center, Scottsdale AZ
2007 Group Show, "Visual Scenarios & Scenic Dimensions," Brio Fine Arts Center, Scottsdale AZ
2006 Group Show, Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler AZ
2005 Group Show, "Wood You Believe It," West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ
2004 Group Show, Goldenstien Art Gallery, Sedona AZ
2003 Group Show,  “Fish Stories”, Phoenix International Airport, Terminal 3 gallery, Phoenix AZ
2003 Group Show, “This Place”, A.P. Tell Gallery, Phoenix AZ
2002 Traveling Exhibition, Traveling Exhibition Program- Arizona Commission on the Arts, Nationwide Tour, 1999 - 2002
2002 Group Show, Mohave Art Center, Kingman AZ
2001 Group Show, Shemer Arts Center, Phoenix AZ
2001 Group Show, Navajo Nation Museum, Window Rock AZ
2000 Group Show, “Wood You Believe It?”, Shemer Arts Center, Phoenix AZ
2000 Group Show, Sky Harbor International Airport, Terminal 4 gallery, Phoenix AZ
2000 Group Show, “Makin’ Furniture”, Chandler Center for The Arts, Chandler AZ
1999 Group Show, “Rings of Time”, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ
1999 Group Show, “American Identity”, Tempe Arts Center, Tempe AZ
1997 Group Show, Fish Tail Gallery, Olympia WA
1997 Group Show, Childhood’s End Gallery, Olympia WA
1994 - 1996 Group Exhibition, National Pavilion of Art, Valle de Angeles, F.M. Honduras

Awards and Grants
2004 Artist Grant, Artists’ Fellowship Inc., 47 Fifth Avenue, New York NY
2003 Artist Grant, Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, 380 West Broadway, New York NY
2001 Dexter Jones Award – National Award for bas-relief sculpture, National Sculpture Society, New York NY 

2008 Artist In Residence, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ
2005 Artist In Residence, Phoenix Public Schools, Phoenix AZ
2003 Artist-In-Residence, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ
1999 Artist-in-Residence, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ

Publications and Press
2008 Magazine Story, “Here They Glow Again”, AZ Lifestyle Magazine, December
2008 Magazine Story, “Artist of The Month, Phoenix Magazine, November
2008 Newspaper Article, “Scottsdale Artist Has A Glow About Him”, Scottsdale Republic, 9/24/08
2008 Newspaper Article, “All Aglow; Unique sculpture at Art Museum”, Daily News Sun, 2/7/08
2007 Newspaper Article, “Artist presents glowing work at Art Museum”, The Arizona Republic, 12/17/07
2007 Other, WVMA docents visit studio, Scottsdale AZ
2007 Magazine Story, " Underwater Fantasies", Lifestyle Magazine, Mesa AZ, May
2007 Magazine Story, "So Unique! design", So Scottsdale Magazine, Scottsdale AZ, March
2006 Magazine Story, "Carving Memories," Faces Magazine (& Back Cover), Cobblestone Publishing, Nov
2005 Newspaper Article, "Bas-relief artist brings talent into middle school classroom," The Arizona Republic, 3/30/05
2003 Art Review and critique, Don Gray
2003 Newspaper Article, “In The Artist’s Studio” -Style Section, College Times, September 
2003 Newspaper Article, “The Pirate Scoop”, Volume 1. Issue 7
2003 Magazine Story, Sun Life Magazine, January/ February
2002 Newspaper Article, “Artist carves within a carving,” The Arizona Republic, 12/22/02
2002 Newspaper Article, “Multidimensional Magic,” The Arizona Republic, 12/20/02
2002 Television, “Multidimensional Painted Sculpture,” Images Comcast Cable, Michigan
2002 Newspaper Article, “Like Cosmic Pat on Back,” The Arizona Republic, 6/21/02
2000 Newspaper Article, “Art in Multiple Dimensions”, The Arizona Republic, 12/9/00
2000 Magazine Story, Sea Fare, “Aqua Boogie”, January
2000 Art Book, “New Art International”, Woodstock NY
1999 Television,  “The Ann Dillow Show”, Public Television, Phoenix AZ
1999 Art Book, “Faces of Arizona”, Art Renaissance Foundation
1999 Museum Press Release, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise AZ
1999 Newspaper Article, “Artist ‘Whittling’ Away at Woodcarving Success”, The Glendale Star, 5/13/99
1999 Newspaper Article, “Artist Needn’t Fish for Compliments”, The Arizona Republic, 5/8/99
1999 Television, Arizona Short Stories, ABC (KNXV – TV), feature film including an interview and carving demonstration
1999 Newspaper Article, “Painted Carvings Tell Two Stories”, The Arizona Republic, Bonus Weekly, 3/10/99
1999 Newspaper Article, “Wizards of West Wood”, Phoenix New Times, 3/10/99
1999 Newspaper Article, “Art Inside Art”, The Arizona Republic, 2/27/99
1999 Newspaper Article, “Wood Sculptor Carves Colorful Forest of Ideas”, Daily News Sun, 2/21/99
1999 Magazine Story, Woodworker West Magazine, Jan – Feb 1999
1997 Newspaper Article, “Art Achieves New Dimension”, The Olympian, 7/24/97
1993 Newspaper Article, “Honduran High”, The Washington Post, 3/7/93

Scott McNeill was born in Washington DC. He grew up on the east coast, and graduated from Clemson University in 1991. After college, Scott joined the Peace Corps.  His assignment led him to Valle de Angeles, Honduras, a Central American artisan village that specializes in woodcraft and ornate relief woodcarving.  His job, working as a consultant to  the National Association of Honduran Artists (A.N.A.H.).  For the next two years, Scott worked closely with hundreds of artisans on many projects, he was welcomed into their workshops and community as if he had lived there his whole life.

When his Peace Corps service ended, Scott was invited to apprentice relief woodcarving in the workshop of a renowned master Honduran woodcarver. McNeill stayed and immersed himself into everything relief woodcarving related.  He learned quickly.  Scott soon began painting his relief woodcarvings, and the town's artisans recognized him for having 'una gracia'. 

After four and a half years abroad, Scott returned to the United States.  Right away, his painted woodcarvings took a big creative leap forward. McNeill began painting a different composition of imagery on top of the carved forms.  Seventeen years later, Scott McNeill’s multiple dimensional, painted relief sculptures stand out as a unique new form of visual expression.

In 2001 he was the inaugural recipient of the Dexter Jones Award, the ‘National Sculptors Award’ for outstanding bas-relief sculpture, from The National Sculpture Society, NYC.  In 2003 he was awarded an artist assistance grant from The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, followed by a grant in 2004 from The Artists' Fellowship Inc., NYC.  McNeill has exhibited in three solo museum shows along with several group shows, art centers and galleries. His multiple dimensional painted sculptures are in private collections in the United States and abroad. Scott currently works out of his home studio in Tempe, Ariz.

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