Scott McNeill, “In the Artist’s Studio,” 2003




In The Artist’s Studio
College Times
Sept 3 - 9, 2003.

Artist: Scott McNeill

Age: 33

Job Description: Scott’s technique is both stunning and remarkably revolutionary: he carves elaborate bas-relief designs into solid wood panels, and then paints conflicting images across the finished wood surfaces in layers of luminous color.  Each project is painstakingly time consuming, taking hundreds of hours to complete.

The resulting sculptures are multidimensional masterworks that “break the rules of space and time.”

Scott often layers paradoxical images of sculpture and paint to project philosophical messages, such as the challenges one faces in transcending the personal ego.

Medium:  Linden wood, acrylic paint and really sharp hand tools.

Education:  His bachelor’s degree in business from Clemson University preceded his stint as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras.  It was during this South American excursion that he worked with woodcarving artisans, which ignited his interests in wood sculpture.

His Heros: Nietzsche, Joseph Campbell, Zen philosophers, Frank Black.

As a Kid: He was always artistically inclined, but he was doubtful he could unearth enough skill to make a living at it.

How he got started:  After completing his assignment in the Peace Corps, Scott apprenticed under a prominent wood artist for two years before returning to the States.  Once home, he further pursued his craft, developing his own unique art form.  He was recognized as the best bas-relief young sculptor in 2001 from the National Sculpture Society.

In Five Years: Scott’s work will have perpetuated itself to a large enough scale that he wont have to worry about bills, which will enable him to put all of his effort into masterpieces so he can stop sweating the small stuff.

The Fashion Part:  Casual and relaxed.  T-shirt, jeans and worn flip-flops.

Where You Can Find Him: As he already sells his work as quickly as he makes them, he wont be having a show anytime soon.  But do check out his website: where you can view step-by-step processes of his work.

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