The Artist - Scott McNeill, 2003





The Artist - Scott McNeill

The Pirate Scoop

February 28, 2003

by Tanner Morel and Andrew Santa Cruz

On February 12, 2003 The Peoria Elementary 2nd graders took a trip to the west valley art museum where there were two different types of art there were sculptors and pictures of cats but the other type of art that could catch the attention of anybody was the art work of the great Scott McNeill.  Who is Scott McNeill you may ask.  He is the man who invented this type of sculpture/ painting artwork that is seen here.  Scott McNeill began sculpture painting in 1994 after two years in the Peace Corps in Honduras.  He learned to paint and sculpt from one of Honduras’s most renowned wood carvers.  He apprenticed with him for 2 1/2 Years, Here were he learned to harness his natural ability to sculpted and paint and turned it into one type of art that has both talent and skill. I can tell you the same thing that Scott McNeill is on the verge of something bigger and better artist with every achievement he receives.

In 2002 he received the prize for most outstanding bas-relief in the United States from the National Sculpture Society (Dexter Jones Award.)  The artist process begins with the realistic design into large wooden panels usually made of linden wood.  Some of his big sculptures take about 300 to 800 hours to complete.

McNeill’s next step is what makes his sculptures so unusual.  He paints a larger picture over the smaller form.  The larger image contrasts, like visual music.  Seeing one of his painted sculptures on the wall is like peering past a veil of ego centered perception into a world of multiple realities with different meanings to each person.

His art work will be on display at the West Valley Art Museum Until the end of march so go down and take a look if you cant make it there be sure to go to his website @

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